Woxsen University expands its portfolio of Chair Professorships with new Labs & Competitions

Carlos Scheel presenting prize money to the winners of James Stoner Sustainability Competition

Woxsen University through its Honoured Chair Professorships has released a set of global initiatives in the form of competitions and hackathons such as James Stoner Sustainability competition. These competitions are either case-study based, project-based or presentation-based and are open to students from various universities across India. While rebranding and expanding

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Genesys Works Receives $5.4 Million in Funding to Grow and Scale Its Proven College and Career Readiness Program


Funding Includes $5 Million Multi-Year Grant from Ballmer Group, $150,000 Grant from the Richard King Mellon Foundation, $150,000 Grant from the Hearst Foundations, and $100,000 Grant from the George Kaiser Family Foundation With millions of high school students in need of proven pathways to the middle class, the nonprofit Genesys

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Remidio Inc to launch Instaref R20, a handheld portable auto refractometer, at the American Academy of Ophthalmology 2022

Remidio portable auto refractometer

Remidio Inc will launch a lightweight, handheld portable auto refractometer, Instaref R20, for refractive error measurements at AAO 2022 in Chicago. The portable auto refractometer uses Shack-Hartmann aberrometry-based technology to provide an average of three refractive error values that is accurate and reliable in less than 3 seconds. Instaref is

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