Coldman Logistics Launches India’s First Temperature Controlled Warehouse with Integrated Co-Pack Unit in Bengaluru

Coldman Logistics

State-of-the-art facility to provide seamless end-to-end solutions for storage, packaging, and distribution

Coldman Logistics Pvt. Ltd., a leading logistics company, is delighted to announce the launch of India’s first Temperature Controlled Warehouse (TCW) integrated with a large Co-Pack Unit in Bengaluru. This new facility, marking their third TCW in the city, represents a significant investment in infrastructure and capabilities, allowing them to better serve their customers and meet their evolving needs.

With a storage capacity of 5,000 pallets, the state-of-the-art TCW ensures that products are stored under optimal temperature conditions, guaranteeing their integrity and quality. Coldman Logistics has incorporated advanced technology and industry best practices to create an environment that meets stringent temperature requirements, catering to a wide range of temperature-sensitive goods.

In addition to the TCW, the facility features a sprawling 35,000 square feet integrated Co-Pack Unit. This Co-Pack facility offers a comprehensive range of packaging solutions, including primary and secondary packaging as well as labeling services. By providing packaging solutions under the same roof, Coldman Logistics aims to offer its customers a seamless end-to-end solution, simplifying the supply chain process and enhancing operational efficiency.

The launch of this Temperature Controlled Warehouse with an integrated Co-Pack Unit is a testament to Coldman Logistics’ commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its customers. By consolidating storage, handling, packaging, and distribution services in a single facility, the company streamlines processes and reduces logistical complexities. This integrated approach enables customers to optimize their supply chain, saving time and resources.

Coldman Logistics acknowledges the support and trust of its valued customers, who have played a crucial role in the company’s growth. As a responsible and sustainable logistics provider, Coldman Logistics remains dedicated to operating in an environmentally conscious manner. The new warehouse exemplifies their commitment to reducing waste, optimizing energy consumption, and minimizing their carbon footprint.

The launch of the Temperature Controlled Warehouse with an integrated Co-Pack Unit in Bengaluru not only enhances Coldman Logistics’ service offerings but also strengthens the region’s logistics infrastructure. This development will have a positive impact on the supply chain ecosystem, benefiting both local businesses and end consumers.

By investing in cutting-edge technology, infrastructure, and capabilities, Coldman Logistics is well-positioned to provide tailored solutions to a wide range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, healthcare, and more. The company’s unwavering dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction positions them as a trusted partner for temperature-sensitive storage, packaging, and distribution needs.

As the logistics industry continues to evolve, Coldman Logistics remains committed to innovation and staying at the forefront of industry trends. The launch of the Temperature Controlled Warehouse with an integrated Co-Pack Unit underscores their determination to meet the evolving demands of their customers and exceed expectations.

Coldman Logistics’ launch of India’s first Temperature Controlled Warehouse integrated with a large Co-Pack Unit in Bengaluru marks a significant milestone in the logistics sector. This state-of-the-art facility will undoubtedly reshape the way temperature-sensitive products are stored, packaged, and distributed. With a focus on seamless end-to-end solutions and a commitment to sustainability, Coldman Logistics sets a new benchmark for excellence in the industry, catering to the unique requirements of its customers while contributing to the growth of the supply chain ecosystem.

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(Source: Coldman Logistics)