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DHL Supply Chain and Locus Robotics Partner to Deploy 5,000 AMRs Worldwide, Marking the Industry’s Largest Deal

Locus Robotics-DHL Supply Chain

DHL Supply Chain, a global logistics leader, has announced an expansion of its partnership with Locus Robotics, a prominent provider of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). This collaboration will involve deploying 5,000 Locus Origin AMRs across DHL’s global network of warehouses and distribution centers. This expansion represents the largest AMR deal to date in the industry.

The increased fleet of Locus AMRs will enable DHL Supply Chain to leverage advanced automation technology, optimizing its supply chain operations while enhancing worker productivity, order accuracy, speed, and overall efficiency. These robots will be deployed in various sectors such as e-commerce fulfillment, retail replenishment, pharmaceutical, and healthcare logistics.

Oscar de Bok, Chief Executive Officer of DHL Supply Chain, emphasized the scalability of Locus Robotics’ solution and its instrumental role in meeting the evolving demands of the e-commerce landscape. The partnership enables DHL to leverage cutting-edge technology, optimizing operations and enhancing customer experiences.

Markus Voss, Global CIO & COO of DHL Supply Chain, highlighted the significance of robotics and data intelligence in improving operational efficiency, reducing processing time, and enhancing customer experiences. The partnership with Locus Robotics is seen as a major milestone in DHL’s digitalization journey.

Rick Faulk, CEO of Locus Robotics, expressed enthusiasm about expanding the partnership with DHL Supply Chain and bringing their industry-leading robotics technology to a global scale. Locus Robotics aims to capitalize on the growing opportunities ahead by offering innovative technology and focusing on customer success.

DHL has already surpassed the milestone of picking over 250 million units using LocusONE solution across its global sites. The integration of the new LocusBots into DHL Supply Chain’s operations is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Sally Miller, Global Digital Transformation Officer at DHL Supply Chain, emphasized Locus Robotics’ role in helping DHL rapidly transform operations, meeting the increasing order volumes, labor shortages, and rising consumer expectations.

About DHL Supply Chain:
DHL Supply Chain is a leading logistics provider with a global network spanning over 220 countries and territories. Committed to sustainable logistics solutions, DHL Supply Chain offers a comprehensive range of services across the entire supply chain, including warehousing, distribution, transportation, and value-added services.

About Locus Robotics:
Locus Robotics is a leading provider of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for e-commerce, retail, and warehouse automation. Their innovative solution incorporates intelligent AMRs that work collaboratively with human workers, significantly improving productivity, reducing costs, and enhancing workplace safety and quality. With deployments at over 250 sites worldwide, Locus Robotics enables retailers, 3PLs, and specialty warehouses to meet the complex requirements of modern fulfillment environments efficiently.

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