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First U.S. CLIA Lab Implements Alpenglow’s 3D Spatial Biology Platform Extending AI-Enabled Pathology to 3D

CorePlus Servicios Clínicos y Patológicos

CorePlus Servicios Clínicos y Patológicos, LLC (CorePlus), a leader in AI-based solutions for cancer detection in pathology, is scaling their expertise in digital pathology to new heights in 3D with Alpenglow Biosciences’ full 3D spatial biology offering. CorePlus was the first U.S. lab to implement artificial intelligence (AI) based tools for prostate cancer detection to support pathologists in providing accurate diagnoses and is leading the industry again with Alpenglow’s AI-enabled 3D spatial biology platform.

A recent study in Cancer Research compared 2D-based AI-algorithms head-to-head with 3D AI-algorithms using Alpenglow’s open top lightsheet imager to stratify patients based on prostate cancer risk. The study found a 10x improvement using computational 3D pathology techniques based on hazard ratio separation in Kaplan Meier survival curves.The results of the study suggest the use of computational 3D pathology could help guide clinical management of prostate cancer in the future following necessary regulatory clearances.

“We are excited to be making this transformational leap forward in pathology,” said Mariano de Socarraz, Founder and CEO at CorePlus. “From traditional microscopy-based pathology to whole slide imaging primary diagnosis with AI and now to AI-powered 3D digital pathology, we are proud to be the first pathology laboratory in the Americas to adopt this breakthrough technology from Puerto Rico to the world.”

Alpenglow’s 3D offering includes an end-to-end platform solution for enabling whole-tissue digital imaging and analysis. Starting with the 3Deep Imager (3Di), Alpenglow rapidly digitizes entire blocks of tissue without ever cutting a single slide, preserving the tissue for other correlative downstream assays. Data is managed with Alpenglow’s 3Dm cloud-based data management system to reduce the infrastructure requirements needed to handle the large 3D datasets. Finally, Alpenglow’s 3Deep Analysis (3Da) suite, powered by the latest AI and machine learning algorithms, interprets the data and provides insights only found by looking in 3D.

Dr. Nicholas Reder, MD, MPH and CEO at Alpenglow, said “We are thrilled to be bringing 3D spatial biology to CorePlus and help usher in the transformation of pathology from 2D and slide-based to 3D and digital. Our 3D imaging, data management, and analysis platform combined with CorePlus’ deep expertise in AI-powered pathology make them the perfect partner to launch our product in the Americas.”

About Alpenglow Biosciences

Alpenglow Biosciences is a venture-backed company focused on accelerating drug development and improving clinical diagnostics with AI-enabled 3D imaging technology. Their platform solution provides new spatial biology insights with greater accuracy by non-destructively digitizing entire tissues. Alpenglow partners with pharmaceutical companies to bring better therapeutics to market faster through greater understanding of mechanism of action, efficacy & toxicology, and patient trial enrollment using their patented technology. Five of the top 10 pharma companies work with Alpenglow to accelerate development timelines, save costs, gain new insights, and improve therapeutic success. See what you’ve been missing at

About CorePlus

CorePlus is a high complexity CLIA certified laboratory with facilities in Carolina and Ponce, Puerto Rico. The CorePlus Team of Board-certified pathologists have become the first in the US and the Americas to implement primary digital pathology-based 3D imaging protocols in a CLIA-setting utilizing Alpenglow’s 3Deep Imager solution.


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