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NLP Logix Joins Beeline Partner Ecosystem

NLP Logix - Beeline artificial intelligence

NLP Logix will offer artificial intelligence and machine learning automation solutions to increase productivity of the contingent workforce

NLP Logix, an artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions company, today announced it’s partnership and inclusion into the Beeline ecosystem. Beeline customers will be able to leverage NLP Logix’s task automation solutions to drive even greater efficiencies. Beeline is the leading technology solution provider for managing the global extended workforce.

“Beeline’s mission is to optimize the contingent workforce in every way and partnering with NLP Logix will add another layer to this optimization,” said Doug Leeby, Beeline CEO. “NLP Logix’s AI tools can analyze workflow and eliminate repetitive tasks, allowing the contingent workforce to offer even more value.”

Matt Berseth, Chief Information Officer, NLP Logix, said, “There are so many ways our automation sourced through Beeline can help companies. For instance, an insurance company may request a large number of professional adjusters to respond to a natural disaster, like a hurricane. NLP Logix would automate many of the tasks that it takes to estimate the claim. Additional examples include financial services companies that need data entry personnel to identify and remove credit card information from a document image, or an aerospace firm needing to optimize its contingent maintenance operations. These type of AI applications save time and efficiencies, boosting productivity for the workers and the companies.”

For the past 10 years, NLP Logix has demonstrated the ability to reduce repetitive tasks through the application of AI, often by factors of ten. The company uses machine learning technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA) to automate repetitive data entry tasks, computer vision to automate visual inspection of imagery including documents, and natural language processing (NLP) to automate the reading and interpretation of large amounts of written and audio information.

About NLP Logix
NLP Logix is an artificial intelligence/machine learning systems and automation solutions provider, which has evolved over the past ten years to one of the fastest growing team of machine learning practitioners. NLP Logix delivers automation and machine learning solutions to customers across a wide swath of industries, including financial services, transportation, healthcare, government, human resources and many more. More information at

About Beeline
Beeline powers the future of work with the world’s first extended workforce platform. Our intelligence-driven, cloud-based platform manages more than 30 million contingent, shift-based, project-based, and independent workers and enables total talent visibility into the entire workforce.

As the pioneer of vendor management systems (VMS), Beeline understands the future of work is fueled by technology that enables the limitless potential of every business and every individual. Our AI-powered software delivers insights and tools needed to manage the modern world of work.

With the most seasoned team of contingent workforce solution professionals around the world, we help businesses across more than 120 countries meet their most critical talent needs. To learn more, visit

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