Remidio Inc to launch Instaref R20, a handheld portable auto refractometer, at the American Academy of Ophthalmology 2022

Remidio portable auto refractometer

Remidio Inc will launch a lightweight, handheld portable auto refractometer, Instaref R20, for refractive error measurements at AAO 2022 in Chicago.

The portable auto refractometer uses Shack-Hartmann aberrometry-based technology to provide an average of three refractive error values that is accurate and reliable in less than 3 seconds.

Instaref is powered with an infrared imaging feedback and instrument tilt warning system to ensure appropriate alignment of eyes during the examination for accurate cylindrical values. A report can be printed instantly using a Bluetooth-enabled printer and wirelessly transferred to the Remidio Cloud EMR.

In a prospective clinical validation with 132 adult participants, Instaref’s refractive error measurements were compared to subjective refraction (SR) and other commercially available auto refractometers. The device agreed within +/-0.5D of SR values for spherical equivalent (SE) in 84% of the subjects and 86%-89% for cylindrical values.

Refractive error exams are challenging among kids. In another study, the device showed a good agreement among the 132 children compared to standard retinoscopy and SR.

InstaRef was well correlated and closest to Subjective Refraction among all methods. These significant findings are currently under peer-review in leading ophthalmology journals.

WHO estimates ~2.2 billion people globally to have vision impairment. Unaddressed refractive error accounts for 44% of global vision impairment. Instaref allows eyecare professionals to refract patients with limited mobility, such as wheelchair-bound or bed-ridden patients, at nursing homes, or at the comfort of a patient’s home. At a fraction of the cost of a standard desktop system, the Instaref R20 is an ideal solution to curb global vision impairment due to uncorrected refractive errors.

Erik Hafkey, Chief Commercial Officer at Remidio Inc., said, “With the InstaRef being so conveniently portable and simple to use, it has potential for large-scale community-based vision screening and prescribing refractive error corrections for adults and children.”

Remidio will showcase a range of devices extending care through ophthalmic mobility at AA0 2022. Visit booth 1935 to witness these devices in action.

Remidio Inc is an innovative ISO 13485-certified medical device company that seeks to impact preventable blindness by creating accessible technologies that are smart and simple to use. Remidio’s CE marked, and FDA 510k registered medical devices have helped screen and impact more than 7.5 million patients in 20 countries globally.

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